The Pioneers, Royal Holloway College

           The first year of men

The Pioneers - Draft Constitution V0.3


Note: Given the start-up and highly informal nature of this Club, this constitution deals with high-level issues only.


A) The Club


1. The name of the Club shall be The Pioneers


2. The Club's web address shall be


B) Objectives


1. The Objectives of the Club shall be to:


a) Provide fraternal information exchange facilities, predominantly based on web technology, to male and female undergraduates joining the Royal Holloway College in 1965 and other students of the same era.


b) Co-operate with the RHC Alumni team in helping to trace students of the 1965 era and organise reunions and similar events.


c) Generate funds to help the College and/or its students past and present.


C) Membership


1. Admission into Full Membership of the Club shall, on application, be granted to any undergraduate student who joined RHC in 1965


2. Admission into Associate Membership to the Club shall be automatically granted to any RHC student who is the spouse of a Full Member. (Note: By definition, spouses joining in 1965 are Full Members).


3. Admission into Associate Membership of the Club may be granted at the discretion of the Club's Management, to any student joining RHC between 1963 and 1968, inclusive.


4. The RHC Alumni team shall be granted Honorary Membership of the Club.


5. At the discretion of the Club's Management, other appropriate persons may be granted Associate or Honorary Membership of the Club.


6. Membership of the Club shall be signified by the allocation of a username and password to access the Club's web site.


7. Full Members may vote and participate in the management of the Club. Associate and Honorary members may not vote or participate in the management of the Club


8. The Club may suspend or dismiss from membership any member whose conduct is considered to be in contravention of the Club's Rules or otherwise detrimental to the Club's best interests or its reputation


D) Management


1. For the time being the Club shall be managed by its founder and members volunteering to assist in the objectives of the Club.


2. The option shall be open for the Membership to propose an elected Management Committee, in which case this constitution shall be updated to describe the formal processes involved.


E) Sub Committees


1. The Management may form sub-committees or nominate persons to manage specific projects or aspects of the Club's management.


F) Conduct


1. Members shall regulate use of their password to trusted persons.


2. Members shall have respect for each others privacy and shall not recklessly or maliciously disclose information obtained from the Club web site or any other information sources provided by the Club


G) Licensing


1. Information, photos, and audio recording submitted to the Club shall be assumed to be licensed to the Club free of charge to use as it pleases, providing that such use is consistent with the objectives and rules of the Club. This rule does not preclude the actual copyright holder using such information as he/she pleases.


2. If the Club should cease operation, it may transfer its data files to the RHC Alumni or RHC Archivist, subject to authority inheriting and observing the Licensing condition (1) as described above.


3. After year 2025, the Club Management may, at its discretion, hand over its data files to the RHC Alumni or RHC Archivist unconditionally.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019